Sep 04

Download Chemdraw Ultra 12.0 for Free

Cambridgsoft has been acquired by Perkin Elemer and the latest version of Chemdraw is only available through their website. It costs a lot for a an student. Still, you can try the new released version of ChemDraw 12.0 for free. To do that you need to download it via utorrent. So, first download and install the uTorrent and then download the  following torrent.

Chem Draw Ultra 12


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  1. abagoni yakub

    am so glad and very happy for this opportunity for giving us to download this software of yours.

  2. Loz

    How do we get a valid serial number and registration number

  3. Anu

    thanx a lot for the software…. its very helpful…

    1. kiran

      hi anu

      r u a chemist

      i am a chemist.

      do u know any software which predicts the ir spectrum of a compound..?

      if so let me know the name of it

  4. matt

    wonderful…thanks so much!!

  5. osman


  6. Nghiem Thi Ha Lien

    am so glad and very happy for this opportunity for giving us to download this software of yours

  7. hameed

    will be very thankful

  8. hameed

    Kindly leave a link to download the chem draw ultra 12

  9. mohammed

    thank u

  10. Pranav

    I am using the wifi network provided by our institute and so here torrent is banned. Kindly, share this software on google drive.
    Thanks for your upload.

  11. shahryar

    thanks alot

  12. Rodrigo

    How the hell can I download this software? there’s not a link

  13. sagar


  14. Kufre

    Its a very good

    1. damonff2014

      alguém pode me dizer como baixar esse programa???? não conseguir…

  15. Kufre


  16. mk

    v g

  17. dhiren

    Its vg

  18. YANIV

    How can I get the valid serial number for the Trail Version.
    Thanks in advance

  19. ankara temizlik firmaları

    This post is worth everyone’s attention. When can I find
    out more?

  20. asim maity

    please share it in google drive as our institution has banned torrent websites…..please…..

  21. reza

    Hi I want to download chem draw but i cant, could u help me please?

  22. reza

    hi I want to download chem draw but i cant could u help me pleas?

  23. gopalakrishnan


  24. Bish

    I dont see any link to download, please help i need this software.

    here is the serial for it
    Name: Mulder Organization: X-Files Email: mulder@xfiles.org s/n: 875-004106-0862 Activation Code: CQD-GBCEI-B2-XAEP-LMJGH-KJDF-IBCTH

  25. suneel


  26. subi

    Plz send serial no and activation code

  27. mostafiz

    Please send a link to download chemDraw

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